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The MSV Hirschfeld organizes together with the mentioned motorsport clubs the Pitbike Masters racing series as part of an annual series.

The racing series is classified as a license-free popular sport and is subject to the regulations of the ADMV.

The organizers of the races are the mentioned clubs or alternatively the race management of the PM series on their own.

At each race, rating points are awarded, which serve to determine a day / overall winner of the individual racing classes.

The characteristics of the racing series include the determination of the fastest rider by tests in the sense of motocross sport, circuitraces with best time determination.




An organizer's liability insurance of the events is always carried out via the PM series.

During  the  event, the race director is the highest decision-making authority.

Each starter has to follow the instructions of the race control, as well as the helpers commissioned by the race control. Violations can be punished with exclusion from the race.






The organiser shall ensure that the paddock is freely accessible to drivers, helpers and rescue services.

Driving outside the circuit and paddock is strictly prohibited during the event.

In the paddock, driving is only permitted at walking speed and wearing a helmet.

Violation can be punished with a fine of 25 € or exclusion from the race.



The acceptance is carried out by an expert of the PM series. He checks the proper condition of the vehicle and the helmet and confirms them with a stamp/sticker.

During acceptance, entries and start numbers must also be checked.

The most important information of the event will be announced at a driver's briefing in the .

These schedules are posted on race day.

A bulletin board for the publication of the daily results must be shown separately.

Training period is for all classes from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. After that, the compulsory training of the respective class starts. After this there is a lunch break. Due to the respective regulations of the executing clubs, the period of the lunch break can be chosen by the organizer, but should not be less than 1h.

After the lunch break, the ranked races begin.





Electronic timekeeping is provided by PM.  Position documentation, as well as marshals are to be provided by the organizer in sufficient numbers (support of the racing series).

The results of the respective ranked races are checked immediately, provided with time and displayed on the bulletin board. Objections to the results must be submitted in writing to the race director within a period of 30 minutes.



The organizer undertakes to provide sufficient training (at least 15 minutes per class).

The starting positions are determined according to the time driven in the compulsory training / qualification .

Every driver who wants to participate in a race must have at least one lap time in the respective class.

The start of the training may only take place after successful technical acceptance with a positive result.

All starters (motorcycles) have to arrive in time 5 minutes before the start, in theVorstart.

Late arrival of the starters in the  Vorstart, missed the compulsory training, as well as insufficient protective clothing (helmet, gloves, boots and glasses), leads to a starting ban.

Qualifying begins after crossing the finish line and ends after crossing the finish line of the respective class.

In the event of a false start, the race is stopped at a suitable location by waving the red flag.




Black and White Checkered: Finish Race End

Yellow flag held: danger! No overtaking and jumping

Yellow flag waved: be ready to brake at all times

Blue Flag: Do not hinder the lapping

Red flag: Race abandonment

Disregarding the flag signals leads to disqualification of the respective race.


Race Time

Class 1:       Kids                       3x 12min + 2R


Class 2:       Up to 140 cc          3x 12min + 2R

Class 3:       Japanes                 3x 12min + 2R

Class 4/5:    12“ Open                3x 15min + 2R


If one starter of the qualified finalists drops out, the organizer will fill the  lost starting place with 1 further position from the reserve starters.

In order to ensure the risk of accidents, as well as equal opportunities, the organizer pays attention to sufficient breaks between the individual races.









Drivers are only allowed to move within the track boundary. If a driver leaves the track unintentionally, he will only remain in the classification if he retracts at the same point. In order to prevent an accident during racing (crashed, lapped drivers, etc.), the track barrier may be left for a short time, there must be no shortening of the distance or a position change relevant to the classification. If there is an advantage, leaving the track is usually considered an attempt at fraud. Failed vehicles must be taken off the track immediately. If a driver retires due to technical problems, the vehicle may be repaired (also by third parties), but only in the paddock or, if necessary, in a pit lane.

An overtaking opportunity must be guaranteed on the entire route. The route should be chosen by the organizer in such a way that it is appropriate for all categories.

Starting from the leading starter, the race time is counted down and then the last 2 or 1 laps are displayed by means of a designated instruction board. Afterwards, the race is finished by waving the black and white checkered flag.

Drivers who have started the race will not be counted in case of retirement.

Excluded or banned starters are not allowed to participate in the races.



Non-presence at the joint start.

Leaving the track with advantage according to race control, as well as shortening – the intentional obstruction of another participant.

Reckless and accident-prone driving.

Physical violence of the starters or his legal guardians, helpers, team members

Vehicle change only possible with valid acceptance and with approval and notification to race control

Violations in the context of the protest procedure

Vehicles that are too loud or badly damaged

Driving without mandatory protective equipment

Drunk or intoxicated drivers who have gross doubts about the ability to drive

In addition, the organizer/race director may – even without protest – exclude a driver from the classification of the current race if he violates the applicable rules (tender regulations) or defies the instructions of the race management, officials and track marshals.

The race director is entitled to cancel or shorten a race if there are compelling reasons (weather, track condition or accident).

A race can be counted if at least 51% of the race duration has been completed. Again, 100% of the points are estimated.






Protests due to review of a rule violation must be submitted in writing to the race control within the prescribed protest period of 30 minutes after posting the result lists and include a protest fee of 100€. If the protest leader is approved by the race management, the protest fee will be handed over to the protest leader, in case of a negative decision, the protest fee will be forfeited in favor of the PM series. Only drivers or legal guardians who have participated in the same class in the race in question are entitled to protest, the same applies to the defendant.

If the protest is directed against the technology of a vehicle and assembly costs arise, these must be paid in advance by the protest leader or secured against the PM functionaries by pledging, e.g. the identity card. The pledged object used will only be handed over to the protest leader when the costs incurred have been paid in full.

If the dismantling or assembly costs are not paid by 12:00 noon of the following day, the protest proceedings are deemed not to have been opened and the protest fee of 100 € already paid will be forfeited in favour of the PM series.

The vehicle is locked up by a representative of the PM series and subjected to a check on the protest allegation. During this period, none of the vehicles of the same class may be moved elsewhere (within 30 minutes of the start of the protest).

Obviously unfounded protests can be rejected by race control.

A protest against the race control is not permissible.

If the protest was justified, the protest leader will receive the protest fee and all costs incurred. The protest opponent assumes the costs. If a dismantling has been carried out, he receives his vehicle back in the dismantled condition and pays additional compensation of 50 € to the PM series. There are no assembly costs if the protest opponent assembles his vehicle himself.

The dismantling/assembly costs are currently: 150,00 €





If a driver commits a technical rule violation (tampering with the vehicle to gain an advantage) that is found in the protest procedure or if he does not have his vehicle locked up by the PM Race Director on site or resists the investigation, he will be punished with exclusion for this race.

A technical violation automatically deducts the loss of points.


In the case of a non-technical violation of the rules found in the protest procedure, the penalty will be determined by the PM Panel as part of a case-by-case decision. The following may be considered:






The organizer will award prizes for the first three riders of each class.

Points will be awarded for all classes, which will award  an overall winner of the European Championship  on Sunday. Points are awarded according to the following scheme:

Class 1- 5: Points distribution per race

1st   place — 25  points           11th place --- 10 points

2nd  place — 22  points           12th place---    9 points

3rd   place — 20  points           13th place —   8 points

4th   place — 18  points           14th place —   7 points

5th   place — 16  points           15th place —   6 points

6th   place — 15  points           16th place —   5 points

7th   place — 14  points           17th place —   4 pointse

8th   place — 13  points           18th place ---   3 points

9th   place — 12  points           19th place ---   2 points

10th place — 11  points            20th place ---  1 point



The evaluation of the overall result of the daily evaluation provides for the following evaluation procedure:

In the event of a tie, the result of the 3. This is the first time that we have been given a higher priority.





In principle, all starters who are physically and mentally suitable for this sport are entitled to enter.

An entry is only valid if it is signed by the driver or, in the case of minors, by the legal guardian. The exception is if only one parent has custody, which must be noted on the application or if there is a license as legitimation.

Entry only possible via the homepage

Entry fee 125 € if mentioned to Überweiss by PayPal.

If an event is cancelled in advance, the starter will receive the full entry fee back, the cancellation takes place only after the start of training, no refund can take place.

In addition, the participant declares with his entry signature that his vehicle complies with the applicable guidelines of the regulations and that he is familiar with the valid tender.




The participants (and their legal representatives) waive, by submitting the nomination, all accidents or damages suffered in connection with the event, any right of action or recourse against the officials of the PM Series, the organizer, its agents, authorities and any other persons associated with the organization, unless the accident or damage is based on intent or gross negligence.

In addition, the participants or their legal guardians declare by submitting the name that:

The participant has the necessary physical and mental fitness.

You are aware of the current PM Series tender and accept it in full.

This agreement becomes effective vis-à-vis all parties involved upon submission of the nomination to the organizer.


Each vehicle must comply with the currently applicable technical regulations. In detail, without exception, the following are required:

2 independently acting brake circuits.

No sharp, pointed and injury-promoting parts.

Each vehicle must have a functioning mechanism for switching off the engine.

Start numbers must be clearly legible, high-contrast and appropriately dimensioned at the front and on both sides of the vehicle

A possible replacement vehicle is only permitted if it is identical in the broadest sense to the primary vehicle and is subject to the same rating class, an additional technical acceptance is absolutely necessary.

The replacement of individual assemblies is permitted, provided that the technical acceptance already obtained is not impaired. In case of doubt, the repaired vehicle can be voluntarily accepted a second time free of charge.

The volume of the vehicle must never exceed9-4 dB (not tested at every race, but randomly).



In the PM series, only air-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engines in horizontal design in the sense of the original Honda design

(eg: XR50 / CRF50) are permitted.

2- or 4-valve design is optional.

Special manufacturers are not required.



The driver's clothing must be fit for purpose, protect the driver and not be of a makeshift nature (jeans and T-shirt).

MX boots or 50-pit bike boots, is a prerequisite for participation in a PM series. Sneakers and casual shoes are not permitted!!! This means that there is NO training and racing authorization! Furthermore, the use of knee, elbow and chest protectors is desirable.

Helmets must have a StVO approval and must be tested together with the vehicle during technical acceptance.



The minimum age for allclasses (except class 1) is the day of the 15th birthday. Younger participants are assigned to the children's class.  Decisive for the starting eligibility in the different age groups is the reaching of the years of life in the current calendar year. Thedeadline is 30 June.

Should a younger starter start in classes with a higher minimum age, this requires a written application to the race director by the parent or guardian(s).






      Class           Designation           Permitted wheel sizes                   Cubic capacity                   Age

        1                     Kids                  10/1012/1012/1214/12                   < 125 cm³                        < 15

        2                   Limited                10/1012/1012/1214/12                  < 140 cm³                         > 14

        3                  Japanes               10/1012/1012/1214/12                  < 110 cm³                         > 14

        4/5               12“ open              10/1012/1012/1214/12                  < 212 cm³                           > 14

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